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Classic Cadillac Restoration Specialist Frank Nicodemus Will Restore Your Car To Perfection

Matching color codes is a difficult process.  The original General Motors paint tinting colors that were done at the time the cars were painted are no longer available.  It needs to be a custom match today to substitute the tints that are available to achieve the color matching of the chip.  You cannot simply go by the factory formula and come up with the correct color because of the tints needed to make that particular color.

We have a knowledgeable staff of craftsmen performing services producing AACA, Grand National and Cadillac LaSalle Award Winning Cars.  The classic Cadillac is certainly a very substantial part of the American heritage and will stay that way.  Our dedicated personnel work very hard to attain the goal of perfection.

Your automobile will be shown the expertise and national award winning precision that we perform on all of our fine automobiles.

Anybody can take a car apart. It takes a professional to be able to restore each and every component and reassemble the parts back on a car to have everything work. A frame, an engine block, a transmission and rear axle all meet and are united into a complete chassis.

In over 40 years of restorations of Cadillac's, Frank Nicodemus always exceeds his customer’s expectations with his meticulous attention to detail demanding the highest standard in restoration quality.

Whatever may be the special claims of its rivals in the luxury-car world, and whatever its own shortcomings, Cadillac remains The Standard.  It represents, as The Autocar said, "the highest standards attainable in most important respects", a level which rivals must at least attempt to equal, if not strive to surpass.

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