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Water Pumps

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A water pump is a mechanical unit circulating the water through the cooling system through your car’s engine and heater.  They malfunction and leak and the bearing goes bad and causes the pump to leak.  Whether it be new or rebuilt it is necessary for the replacement of the water pump to continue the circulation of water through your cooling system.

These pumps are available as rebuilt units with updated bearings and seals enabling them to last longer than their predecessor.  They are only sold on an exchange basis to ensure the return of a re-buildable pump that matches the one that is being sold to you. 

Our rebuilding service will rebuild your leaky water pump and replace the seal and bearings.  We will provide you with new gaskets to remount it onto your car.  The water pumps are painted the correct color blue or green, depending upon the year of your vehicle.

Our turn around time is 2-3 weeks.  Some water pumps are available and in stock.


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